Legal information

Legal information

Stud.IP ist eine offizielle Lernplattform der Hochschule Wismar . Daher obliegt Stud.IP dem allgemeinen Impressum des Webauftritts der Hochschule Wismar.

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The following institutes participate:
(Named are the institutes administrators responsible for the corresponding query areas)


Wenke Schütt,

Bachelor Wirtschaftsrecht (online)

Thomas Brosowski,


Prof. Dr. Dieter Glaner,
Reica Lindner,
Christian Matthies,
Claudia Rudat,
Anne Zastrow,


Christina Petzold,
Khadija Struck,

Dezernat 2

ZPA Admin,

Elektrotechnik und Informatik

Reica Lindner,
Claudia Rudat,
Jörg Zucknik, StudIP-Admin Bereich Eu.I,

Fachschule Seefahrt

Admin Birger Adm,
Dirk Kahnke,

Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Eigenstetter,
Reica Lindner,
Claudia Rudat,
Jörg Zucknik, StudIP-Admin Bereich Eu.I,

Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Antje Herrmann, Administratorin für Fakultät Wirtschaft,

Fakultät Gestaltung

Christina Berger,
Oliver Hantke,
Birger Huth,
Donatella Picciano,
Gabriele Thormann,

InnovationPort Wismar

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wißotzki,

International Office

Narangerel Tsendbaatar,

IT-Service und Medienzentrum

Admin Birger Adm,

Maschinenbau, Verfahrens- und Umwelttechnik

Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Krohn,
Reica Lindner,
Claudia Rudat,

Master Wirtschaftsrecht (online)

Thomas Brosowski,

RSI - Robert-Schmidt-Institut der Hochschule Wismar

Admin Career-Service,
Marc Schröder,

Seefahrt, Anlagentechnik und Logistik

Gerrit Tuschling,


Ina Gray,

Stabsstelle DEQ

Admin Birger Adm,

Studierendenschaft der Hochschule Wismar

Lukas Burmester,

WINGS - Wismar International Graduation Services GmbH (WINGS)

Wenke Schütt,

Terms of use

  1. Stud.IP bears a RealName obligation.  The user is obliged to give his or her correct forename and surname. The registration name, necessary to login, is arbitary within the technical limitations of the program.
  2. The user must ensure that his or her entered E-mail address is valid and functional.
  3. All other information about the user is not compulsory. If you enter further information, it will only be accessed by other, registered users in the system. The only exception is system automatically generated personel indexes of the participating institutes.
  4. The user must make sure that he or she does not violate any applicable laws or regulations by using Stud.IP communication system. In particular, the user is obliged:
    1. not to use Stud.IP to either call up or distribute immoral or illegal material.
    2. to heed the applicable child protection regulations.
    3. to respect the privacy of others and under no circumstances to call up or send harrassing, libellous or threatening material.
    4. not to execute any applications that may lead to a change in the physical or logical structure of the shared net.
  5. The usage of Stud.IP for all other forms of advertising or marketing is not permitted, in which case the user is obliged to compensate Stud.IP for any damage caused.
  6. The user is obliged to protect his or her access to Stud.IP against the unauthorised use by a third party. To this affect, Stud.IP advises that the password should not be passed on. The user is liable for every unauthorised usage of his or her account, as long as it is his or her fault.
  7. Following a breachment of the above conditions by the user, the access will be immediately blocked.


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